You don’t mess with Arnab

Who on this Earth is oblivious to the non-stop Arnab Goswami’s tongue traits?
His debate show ‘Newshour’ is sort of a vogue even in the overseas. The world knows him for not letting anyone speak. He’s even a little infamous for the same.
Well, not this time. What he did this time is quite appreciable.

This is about another episode of Newshour, Arnab’s famous debate show. He’s always a tyrant, always an oppressor but oppressor only of the groundless and nonsensical. Even if most of us hate him at times for just not stopping uttering words from his mouth and not letting any panelist speak, despite the aforementioned there is this fact which is undeniable:
‘He speaks for the right, never wrong. Surprisingly, making sense every single time.’
and thus, one must learn a fact:

‘You don’t mess with Arnab’.
You just don’t even if you’re a retired ACP.

This very time a debate was conducted on the topic ‘Triple Talaq’. Various panelists were invited to discuss on the provided topic and out of which, one was a retired ACP –Shamsher Khan Pathan.

As usual, a healthy discussion (which is expected every time but seems like it is even paradoxical to expect a healthy discussion on Arnab Goswami’s show) expectation was thrashed, and it again turned into a potential Bigg Boss living room dirty fight where many spoke wrong and many didn’t get a chance to open the mouth.

Mr. Shamsher Khan did get a chance to speak but he spoke wrong.
He chose to be hilarious on such a show and ended up cracking a joke rather wisecracking about how men keep tolerating women- which was resisted somehow by Arnab but what he said next turned the tables.

He further sort of challenged the women that they can be in favor of triple talaq but must be prepared for what happens next.
His statement being:
‘Let women talaq their husbands like this, let us see. Try! Let these two ladies talaq their husbands. Start with it,’ addressing the two female panelists.

Then what Arnab did deserves a big round of applause. He straight away kicked him out of his show in the most admissible and inspiring manner. He simply yet in an intimidating manner ordered the ACP to take off his mike and step out. He denied at first but out of humiliation, left later.

Even the people, who hated Arnab the most, somewhere down the line, loved him for this audacious act. Never has anyone in media have this much audacity but thankfully, Arnab has given a kick start to it!


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