Will UK participate in Eurovision after the Brexit?


There is a single question which is making rounds in the world of politics as well as music. Will the United Kingdom be allowed to enter the Eurovision Singing Contest after Brexit? As the major partner of the Television, the United Kingdom is given a place every year in the Grand finale of this esteemed music festival. The former Prime Minister David Cameron assures the music enthusiasts of the United Kingdom of the country’s participation after leaving the European Union.

Mr. Cameron also said that where countries like Azerbaijan, Israel, and even Australia are given a chance to enter this musical contest, the place of the United Kingdom is not under any threat. The president of the Eurovision fan club, Mr. Alasdair Rendall assured the fans that Britain would not face any hindrance from participating in Eurovision after its exit from the European Union. It is mandatory for the participating countries to be a part of the European Broadcasting Union. The organization is an independent one. It includes all the countries which are inside as well as outside the European Union. The EBU also includes the participation of the countries like Israel, which is outside the continent of Europe. The United Kingdom started participating in the Eurovision contest since the year 1957.

The current Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May has declared that Britain will not at all drop out of this esteemed music festival of the global music platform.  She assured the fans that the United Kingdom will still be a part of the Eurovision Song Contest after the Brexit. The scheduled date for the formal event of Brexit is on 29th of March, 2019. This means that the United Kingdom can still win two contests of this prestigious music contest.


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