Every coffee lover out there will agree to the fact there is nothing more comforting that sipping on your favorite cup of coffee while reminiscing about your good old memories on a comparatively dull day. The most stunning aspect of coffee is the way it livens up your mood, no matter what time of the day it is! All you need is one sip of this coffee and bang on! You are full of life and energy. Coffee is cool, isn’t it?

Have you ever silently wondered what your coffee specifically speaks of your personality? Is there any specific niche that it creates regarding your tastes? Here is everything that you need to know!

  • Espresso

Espresso brings out the friendly and adaptive nature in you. You specially seem to admire your coffee which is quite a rare trait in many of the cases.


  • Double Espresso

A single shot is not worth your investment. You crave for an extra edge over everything and you are definitely the hardworking one. The reason, a double espresso totally highlights your needs to a T.


  • Triple Espresso

You are utterly enthusiastic personality with a craving for obsessive compulsiveness towards your work. You have been awake for the past 2000 years and are still counting! Just kidding!


  • Mocha

Regular coffee is not your preferable option. You are definitely the enthusiastic soul with quite an impressive creativity which is well reflected in your coffee styling of different varieties. Hence Mocha!


  • Latte

You take the safer side and are quite reflective in nature. You day dream a lot and stay away from potential risks that might cause any kind of disruption in your future ventures.


  • Cappuccino

You are a gentle person and reflect great warmth to the people around you. However, you can get quite forgetful in nature and tend to lose things a lot.


  • Iced coffee

You are a lover of straws and are quite assertive in nature. There is a reason why seasons follow your trend and not the vice versa.


Happy coffeeing!


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