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Started by a bunch of passionate people who are designers by heart and managers by design. Team SnugOns comprises of people from design, management, technicals, sales and story telling background. The startup believes in working with diverse set of people to bring out the products which are fusion of Indian art form with contemporary designs.


You must have heard this before but – all the rage of products are handmade. And that’s a reality, only 5% of total work done to make a shoe or a bag is machine based, rest all is by hand. It is long and tiring process to get the product made by hand, but the finishing and the quality at the end is fabulous. People say their products are handmade but in reality most of the work is done on machine and only some part is by hand. But ours is 95% by hand, which means Company roll out lesser products and gives the customers a unique experience with the product.

The idea that gave birth to footwear –


Comfort is the new style -SnugOns:
The journey of SnugOns started when two young Entrepreneurs Founded the Brand SnugOns. Their Indian roots forged a strong love for Indian art and craftsmanship and
they were convinced the world would share this love one day. It started with baby snugs and from there it expanded to Woman footwear with Indie touch. We have a range of bellies for daily wear to fashion wear. New collection includes jaipurijuttis.


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The class apart – Zouk

Only a single sleek design to perfectly match your business bag need and at the same time not being the same boring black/blue laptop bag available. As they gain confidence and customer base they have spread to many other categories. Today they have a range of bags starting from ladies wallets to travelers bag pack.


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