Vijay Malaya extradition from the UK is on move!


India has drawn a stage nearer to getting money related misrepresentation charged industrialist Vijay Malaya to be sent back to India. The Ministry of international affairs undertakings representative Gopal Baglay exclaimed, “The UK home office passed on that the demand of India for removal of Malaya has been ensured by the secretary state of UK and delivered toward the Westminster Magistrates’ Court for a region judge to consider the issue of discharging of warrant on February 21.”Baglay exclaimed that on February 8, a strategic correspondence had been given to the UK High Commission, bringing up that India has a “true blue” body of evidence against Malaya.

  1. A little about Vijay Malaya misdeeds

He owes about 7000 crores to the banks all over the India. The chairman of kingfisher beer and airlines, who has taken so many loans for his own good and is still lagging behind to pay them back, how could he? The kingfisher is now totally gone because of his foolish acts and right now he is in the UK trying to back away from the legislation of India.

  1. The arising problems

Removal is frequently a confusing procedure and particularly for this situation since the UK has a complicated legitimate framework. Initially, the judge must be fulfilled that the offense Malaya has been blamed for perpetrating in India would be viewed as a criminal case in the UK as well.

  1. Case depending on UK legal system

The judge must choose if Malaya’s removal would be lopsided to or contradictory with his basic human rights. On the off chance that the judge is fulfilled, the case will backpedal to the home secretary for a choice. Malaya can obviously appeal in the high court of UK testing the choice or present a portrayal to the secretary of the home ministry. On the off chance that his removal is as yet requested, Malaya can again appeal in the high court as well as the Supreme Court. In the event that he doesn’t advance in a higher court, he will be removed to India within 28 days of the home secretary choice.

A group of British authorities met with the Indian partners in New Delhi and clarified the complications of the UK lawful framework in middle of February. There are in total 16 cases of extradition pending in the UK which is yet to be solved by the home ministry. The Indian legislation is still waiting for a proper and desirable answer from the UK legal system hoping to make Malaya fall on his knees and repent for what he did.


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