In an era where humans turn into flies, mosquitoes, and every creature imaginable; the Indian youth was surely in need of shows that were rich in content, and provided them relief from their mundane routine, yet gave them food for thought.

And that’s when web-series came in.

The concept of ‘web-series’ took over everything by storm by providing fresh content, with a definite number of episodes, sending the content clearly. With platforms such as YouTube, it led to people coming out with their unique ideas and YouTube channels, thereby managing to get a loyal audience. In India, although the concept of YouTube channels and web-series came in a bit later, we have definitely seen some great shows and channels coming up in the past few years.

So, here’s a list of 4 YouTube shows you must definitely watch:


S** Chat with Pappu Aur Papa

Produced by Y-Films, the series was launched in July last year. The 5-episode series revolves around Pappu, his ‘papa’, pregnant mother, and grandparents; and how his parents try solving his queries revolving around *** and **** terms rather than hiding away or scolding him for the same. In a country like ours, it is vital that children are provided with the right kind of information; and that’s exactly what the series aims at doing.

Life Sahi Hai

Made by the creators of Pyaar ka Punchnama, the series revolves around four guys sharing an apartment; and how they end up in uncomfortable or embarrassing situations but eventually find their way out too! If you’ve ever lived or are living independently, you would definitely relate to this light-hearted web series.

The Trip

A rather new series, ‘the trip’ involves a gang of four girls, one of whom is about to get engaged, and decides to embark on a road trip with three of her best friends. The series speaks about issues girls face, such as trust issues, weight, PCOS, and fear of being alone, to name a few. The show just doesn’t involve a road trip, it also talks about a journey, a ‘trip’ of self-discovery. With its peppy soundtrack and an amazing cast, this show is definitely worth watching!

TVF Pitchers

Tu Beer Hai!”

This one line managed to create waves all over social media, thereby managing to set the ball rolling for the show. With its witty one-liners and its cast, the show managed to break through the stereotypical concepts of shows. Revolving around Navin Bansal, the show shows us the courage, the struggle, efforts, failures, and tears that go behind in creating a start-up.

Although there are a wide range of shows and series one could list, these were and are some of the best series; that have come up with storylines that don’t belong to a parallel universe; instead, the content is fresh, and at the same time, makes the common man watching it relate to the series in some way or the other.

Radhika Chadha

Radhika Chadha is a teacher by profession, writer by passion. Compulsive, an avid reader, singer, and a self- confessed tea addict.


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