This platform lets you create your own mobile app

In the current age of digitalization, one cannot over-emphasise the importance of having a mobile app. With India evolving into a mobile-first economy and both, smartphones and internet access, making inroads to rural India, going mobile is a brand’s way of ensuring primetime personal connect with their audiences.

However, while we have established the virtues of going mobile, several challenges like inflated upfront costs in mobile app development, lack of trustworthy development partners or coding skills often deter the ambitious brands, businesses and independent professionals from taking the plunge. This is where Instappy steps in.

As a DIY-Rapid-Mobile-App-Development platform for worldwide audiences, Instappy makes it quick and easy for everyone to create affordable, intuitive, and stunning, professional mobile applications, instantly. Offering LIVE support, unlimited customization & latest updates, Instappy enables powerful, professional features for awesome apps without any coding skills and at nominal monthly fees.

With its wealth of experience, the rapid mobile app development platform offers specific niche-based solutions, such as: Professional Apps for Businesses, Shopping Apps, and Enterprise Apps.

An increasing number of Professionals, especially designers, universities, photographers, artists, restaurants, and even magazines can create affordable, high quality native database-led applications in less than 48 hours across platforms. With stunning templates, superior content publishing and designing capabilities, Instappy ensures that the vision is manifested into mobile reality.

Got something to sell? Instappy takes it to the next level with a dedicated retail mobile app or mobile catalogue app. Whether someone owns an export house, a niche fashion boutique, a superstore, or an exotic pet shop, the mobile commerce store is instantly ready with Instappy. The platform further provides run-time report generation to analyse and strategize product catalogue, along with inbuilt tools like unlimited push notifications to drive promos and offers.

With Enterprise Apps, businesses can now streamline on-field initiatives and better manage mobile workforce. The two white label solutions- Sales Team Tracker and Campaign Tracker are ideal for managing complete tasks like team management, on-the-go attendance and location tracking, and inventory as well as order management.



Seema Bhoi has been contributing to the content industry through writing about brands, consulting rookies and providing content management service. She is the Co-Founder of Vibaantta Group & Meethi Lassi.