This is how SC reacts to municipality’s decision on killing of dogs causing nuisance


“Dogs don’t bite me, just humans.” This quote by Marilyn Monroe seems to be pretty valid when we glean about the recent plea by the Municipality in the Supreme Court on killing the dogs causing the nuisance. The noble-hearted jury, however, averted their plea and came up with alternative solutions for the disturbances that are occurring due to these canines over the calendar.

A recent increment in the menace caused by the dogs especially in Kerala and Mumbai regions have instigated several vigilante groups and even the Municipalities to take up actions so as to curb these mishaps. However the SC, providing ample room for the dignity and the right of existence of these innocent canines, declared that these mere incidents cannot be the basis to completely destroy the stray dogs. The recorded incidents could be due to accidents as said by the apex court. As decided by the SC, a balanced culling of the dogs is permissible which stands out strong against the decision of complete destruction of the race. A panel headed by the judge of Kerala High Court has been working on the cases of dog bites in the region and has successfully settled some of them.

Upon being questioned regarding the solutions for increasing number of dog bite cases, the building of shelter homes and the safe transfer of the dogs into them was the crux of the discussion and the court is looking forward for some strong plan and roadmap in this regard. As per the affidavit filed by the center, the involvement of several central and state level agencies could be helpful in the proper and effective control of these stray dogs as per the ABC rules implemented by AWB, India. Multiple instances of transgression by certain vigilante groups against these canines have been kept as the matter of deliberation for the next hearing.


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