The story of youth: Half Girlfriend

The movie Half Girlfriend is based on a book written by Chetan Bhagat.The story of the movie is relatable by most of the boys in our youth. This story is about Madhav Jha(Arjun Kapoor)  who came from Bihar into Top college St. Stevens under sports Quota and there he saw Riya Somani(Shraddha kapoor) who also studies in St. Stevens College, and soon Madhav Madhav told Riya about her feelings so she denied to be her girlfriend but said she could be her “Half Girlfriend” and later the plot continues with Madhav finding Riya and in the end the both meet at a live singing bar in Newyork which was dream of Riya.


The Movie was Produced by ALT Entertainment and distributed by Balaji Motion Pictures and N.H. Studioz .It was made on a Budget of Rs.35 Cr.(reported by and earned till now Rs.41.61 Cr.(reported by Indian Express).

Overall the movie is a good movie with a bit flaws like movie was bit fast initially and too many songs also in first half which reduced the viewer intrest.