The Ransomeware which has hit ninety nine countries of the world


In the recent events, a large-scale Cyber attack has taken the cyber security of the global internet down by affecting ninety nine countries of the world. The lists of the attacked countries include the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Russia, Spain, China Italy, and India. The cyber attackers targeted the It systems of the hospitals, telephone companies as well as banks. The top cyber security firm Avast remarked that their antivirus has seen at least 80,000 computers getting attacked by the malware which dubbed ‘WannaCry.’ Among the various agencies of the government, and the companies affected are the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, FedEx, Telefonica and the Russian Ministry of Interior.


The unknown hackers have apparently launched this ransomware attack to encrypt the files and also demanded Bitcoin payments from the users to regain their access. The message that displayed on the computer screens of the NHS were circulated on the social media. The victims who were attacked were asked to pay around $600 at the give Bitcoin address. In the United Kingdom, there were 16 organizations which were attacked within the umbrella of the state-run NHS. Officials remarked that the investigation is in its primary stage and they believe that the variant of the malware is the Wanna Decryptor. This attack was targeted at the National Health Services, and it affected the organization through its various sectors. In the current stage, the organization does not have any evidence that their data were tampered with.

The hackers are still not unidentified. The investigating officials have the opinion of the ransomeware as a self-spreading one. The vulnerability was prevalent in the old version of the Microsoft computers. Microsoft released a patch for the older machines called the MS17-010. But since the machines were not updated, the malicious code was able to encrypt the files from the computers.


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