The Honest Review: SurajKund Mela 2017


Once again, it is that time of the year where one of Haryana’s biggest fun- fair, the Surajkund Mela takes place. Organized by the Haryana Tourism and SurajKund Mela authority, in collaboration with the Ministries of Textile, Tourism, and External Affairs; it takes place every year in the month of February, which goes on for almost a fortnight. This was established on account of providing support and encouragement to the small scale and cottage industries as well as the artisans. Being regarded as one of the largest craft fair in the world, it showcases handlooms, handicrafts, and fabrics of India, while attracting people not only from all over the country, but also globally.

In order to reach the Mela, there are two options that are most convenient- the first one being that you can travel by your own vehicle. This is a safe as well as a convenient option, as the parking facilities as well as the security systems there are well- organized and controlled. If not by car, then the other option is to reach there by Metro. Get down at Badarpur station, and then it’s just a couple of kilometers from there. You may take an auto, or go by bus to cover the short journey.

To enter the Mela, you need to have tickets. Priced at a nominal fee, these tickets can be purchased either through, or can be bought from the counters there itself. However, the downside of the counters is the never- ending queues, and therefore it is advisable to book them online beforehand. There’s strict security system which carries out a thorough checking on every individual. Also, the fun fair is carried out on a large area, due to which there’s ample parking space.

Coming to the fun- fair, there’s mostly works of small scale industries which you would come across, wherein the artisans try to outdo each other and outshine from the year before, so they try putting in their best foot forward.

A person truly enjoys a place of visit when there is choice of food. However, this mela doesn’t spoil you with ample choices. The food provided there are the local street delicacies, but if you’re someone with a delicate system, then you’d rather want to stay away from it. Since the fair is mostly related to the traditional and folk works, the mela too, is made absolutely traditional by keeping the main attractions too, as magic show and giant ferris wheel, that takes you back to your childhood. An upside of the SurajKund Mela was that if you had to purchase something, you also had the option of paying via Mobiwik or Paytm.

Honestly, the fair is great as it helps showcase and bring forward the works of artisans from all over, but one must visit there only if they truly enjoy art and crafts. Else, you’d rather want to spend your Sundays snoring away to glory.

Radhika Chadha

Radhika Chadha is a teacher by profession, writer by passion. Compulsive, an avid reader, singer, and a self- confessed tea addict.

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