The Election Commission invites the Netas for a Hackathon challenge of the EVM


Since the past month, the reports of the Election Commission f India, planning to organize a hackathon is making rounds in the media. This hackathon will give the experts the chance to prove whether the electronic voting machines can be tampered with or not. On the 12th day of Aril, 2017, the Press Trust India quoted the official of the Election Commission saying that from the first week of May, the technorats, the scientists well as the experts are all welcome at the Election Commission and try to hack the voting machines. Since the remark, it has been more than a month that the commission talked of arranging the hackathon to rule out the allegations of the tampering of the electronic voting machines. On 12th May, in an all-party meeting arranged by the Election Commission, the latter challenged the guests to prove that the EVMs can be tampered with and also prove that the results of the recent polls were rigged.


What is the ruckus about?

At the conclusion of the 5-State Assembly elections in March, a lot of political parties and politicians have together blamed that the EVMs used in the polls were all hacked. On the 9th day of the month May, the Aam Admi Party even organised a demonstration on how an EVM can be hacked inside the legislative assembly of Delhi.

What is the hackathon?

At the EVM hackathon, the political parties who have raised their voices in this issue will be given a chance to prove themselves right. They will be given an opportunity to demonstrate and show the people how the EVMs can be hacked.

Who can participate in the hackathon?

The representatives of all the regional, as well as the national parties, can attend this hackathon event.


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