Summers Coolers To Bring Down The Heat


The scorching summers have started taking a toll on everyone’s health. Just to beat the heat and keep ourselves cool, we keep on gulping on chilled soda’s and sugar laden juices, which are doing more harm then good to our health. Though, there are healthier alternatives available to tackle summer blues, but not all are very fond of tasteless drinks.

So what should we do? Should we keep on compromising with our health to protect from summer heat or start looking for tastier and healthier alternatives?

There are several summer cooler options that you can make in jiffy to keep yourself hydrated and cool without adding too much sugar or soda to your body. Here are some on the go recipes:

Watermelon & Mint Cooler: Mix 4-5 cubes of seedless water melon in 300ml water. Add some fresh mint leaves. Let it cool down for sometime and pour in a mason jar or bottle that you can carry. The cooling effect of watermelon and mint leaves will help in removing excess ammonia from your body while keeping you cool.

Black Grapes & Orange Detox Drink: Take a small cup of fully ripened black grapes and cut them in halves. Take slices of fresh oranges also cut in half. Add fruits in 500ml water and pour the mixture in a bottle. Keep drinking the water throughout the day and even refill the water when only fruits are left in your bottle. This magic detox drink will not only keep you coll but will also tone your skin and help in curbing appetite.

Kiwi, Lemon & Mint Cooler: Peel one kiwi fruit and slice in dices. Add kiwi fruit in 500 ml water followed by lemon rings of half juicy lemon and a few mint leaves. Let the water cool and get infused with the freshness of kiwi and lemon. The tangy drink will have a cooling effect on your body, moreover it is a very good drink for improved dental health.

See, none of the above drinks has any kind of added sugar or soda, still they can make you feel hydrated. So ditch the plain water, cold drinks or packed juices and opt for these healthy summer coolers.



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