Stockholm terror attack: 3 dead and many injured


As per reports, at least three people died and many were injured after a stolen truck plowed into pedestrians in a shopping area outside a department store in Stockholm. Later in the evening reports were there that the driver of the lorry had been arrested. Man arrested claimed responsibility for the attack on one of the busiest street in the center of Stockholm.

The terror attack in which weapon of terror was a vehicle, took place just before 3 p.m. (local time) on Friday. Panic struck people were seen fleeing the attacked area in the attack video released online. According to local media, the truck was stolen right before the attack from the nearby area while the real driver of the truck was making a delivery. Eyewitnesses reported that the truck entered the busiest street in Stockholm and the driver started driving the truck at speed before it stopped after crashing into a department store. Police rushed to the attack site but the driver fled before their arrival.

After the attack blood stains were present on the streets along with the dead bodies (covered with blankets) of the people who lost their life in this “Terror Attack”. Near the lorry, Paramedics could be seen attending to the injured people. The lorry was embedded in the front part of the Ahlen’s department.

After the attack, Stefan Lofen, Swedish Prime Minister told the reports “Sweden has been attacked. Everything indicates this is a terror attack.” Lofen said that the government was doing everything to support and help the security services.

The busy street where the attack has taken place is close to the scene where an attacker blew himself in 2010, in that attack no one except the attacker was killed. Previous such atrocities have been claimed by Isis but there wasn’t any immediate claim after the Stockholm attack.


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