Social Entrepreneurship Efforts By Ravindra Bhatia, Founder of Egoss

‘Quality & Style with Ease’ is what Egoss, as a premium leather menswear shoe brand stands for. Started in 2005 by Mr. Ravindra Bhatia, Egoss excels in the context of shoe technology in India. The reason behind the development of styles & options is the in-depth understanding of design and ever-changing consumer need.


Entering the footwear industry in 1992, it was in 2005 that Mr. Ravindra Bhatia launched Egoss. To uncover his passion for shoe making, a visionary, single-minded entrepreneur, he, along with a small team, developed a range of truly innovative products and gained expertise in manufacturing while giving rise to brands like Second Skin, Mudtrail, Marvella, Modana, and Clubtree (now a part of ‘Lifestyle’).



Mr. Ravindra Bhatia, in an initiative to bring superior quality leather footwear, introduced Egoss that aims to provide affordable fashion with uncompromised quality leather shoes delivered across India. The products are handcrafted with spotless detailing along with sound understanding of design and technology, transforming the face of the Indian footwear industry for all age groups since a span of 11 years.



Little do people know about the social entrepreneurship efforts taken up by Mr. Bhatia to give back to the society, and in the most earnest way possible, there is a back story to the brand. The manufacturing of the brand takes place in Dehradun within the compounds of the factory. The products by Egoss are handcrafted to perfection and it is the craftsmen who help build the company, hence, Mr. Bhatia believes it’s only fair that he should be of help to them and provide a sustainable community to them for better working standards and motivation.



The craftsmen of the company are given the opportunity to live within the compounds with quarter facilities and are also provided food during work hours to make the artisans feel at ease and work efficiently. If it all comes down to giving back, it is the craftsmen who really need this push to work better and live healthy. In an effort to bring a community together that can work in good working conditions, this move by Mr. Bhatia is one that many can take up.

The end result is commendable indeed. The shoes are handcrafted, the detailing is impeccable and they are furnished to perfection. Take a look at few of the products by Egoss that could be your next pick for an occasion.


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