Sneak peek into what Mrs. India 2017 contestant Gunjan Raj is eating

For those who want to follow their passion in life, a good start would be to treat money as a secondary option. Sometimes, it is important to not be too practical about what you are going to do in life. Only thinking about money will limit your options and make it tough for you to follow the desired path of work. Retaining curiosity, creativity, and passion are essential elements to success. However, it is also important to be level-headed and sure of your wants and passion in life. This is the quality that made Gunjan Bipin Taneja, one of the participants in Mrs. India 2017, different from many others in her generation, who are still unsure of their calling in life.


In her words, “Being on a platform makes you realize that nothing is impossible if you have that dedication. This is what motivates you to polish your skills and be a better you.” Blessed with a supportive family, it was not difficult for her to follow this path in life. However, what was tough was managing time with other work. She says, “Despite few obstacles, it was really exciting as I was moving towards my passion.” She say it is important to be diligent with the workout sessions, as this pageant needs a lot of hard work and needs one to look their best. She also worked a lot on her intra-personal skills. The fun part among all this was the task they were given as part of the pageant, such as making some videos.


So what is she eating? As far as her diet goes, she follows what is prescribed. “I have given up on sweets. Though I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have to manage other food cravings.” A lot of protein has been added to her diet. The dietary changes have not affected her much though as Gunjan was always a diet conscious person.


Few things she follows are having Bircher muesli for breakfast, adding Greek yogurt to the day whenever she craves something sweet, and including a potion of Good4u seeds whenever there is a desire to munch something. She signs off by giving one valuable piece of advice to everyone, “Just believe in yourself and in your dreams. And this will make you work towards them.”


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