is getting ready to change road travel in India

ScoutMyTrip was conceptualised and ideated by 2 travellers. Deepak Ananth and Vineet Rajan. With over 15 years of having travelled the length and the breadth of the country on two and four wheelers and over 8 lac kilometres. They have on board industry stalwarts from financial, advertising and media, automotive and analytics sectors as advisors to help them chart the future of the company.

Meet the founders

Deepak Ananth – CEO , ScoutMyTrip

Deepak Ananth, a payments professional with an experience of more than a decade in sales and marketing as well as leadership roles in organizations like Tata Communications Ltd and Verifone Limited is the CEO of ScoutMyTrip.

A traveler at heart, Deepak’s earliest road trips were with his dad in the trusty old Ambassador. He rides a Royal Enfield 500cc bike, whom he calls Theia . His fondest trip was to Shillong from Mumbai and back. Totally over 5000 kilometers in 15 days.

Vineet Rajan – CMO , ScoutMyTrip

Vineet Rajan is now in his second venture after IndiBlogger which he co-founded in 2007. A full stack marketer with a rich content marketing background and an avid traveler is the CMO at ScoutMyTrip. Vineet is also a volunteer and moderator of the biggest Royal Enfield community in the world. Vineet too rides the Royal Enfield who he fondly calls Laetitia. One of his fondest rides is the ride back to Mumbai from Leh, 3200 kms in 6 days.

This isn’t the first time, Vineet and Deepak are working together. They were the core team members and office bearers of a Mumbai based Royal Enfield club focused on charity and philanthropic work. Vineet and Deepak have traveled over 500,000 kilometers between them on Indian highways and known each other for over a decade.

We spoke to Vineet & Deepak to find out whatsup with ScoutMyTrip

What is the idea behind SMT and how does it function? 

ScoutMyTrip works as a Do it Yourself road trip platform. Any user can plan a road trip from anywhere to anywhere in India. The end point is the creation of an itinerary that gives all the details you will need during your trip. Using the platform you can explore the country even better that you imagined.

One can scout for halts, over 10,000 points of interest, gas stations, toilets along the way, multiple routes, hotels and also pick from ready-made road trips that have been planned by others.

Apart from this you can interact with members of the very active travel community and get inputs about the routes that you plan and get up to date information about various facets of your travel. So from road conditions to your stay, ScoutMyTrip has you completely covered.

The core message and the need for such a platform is to help the traveler collect as much information as possible in one place so that they can plan their travel better, removing uncertainties and allowing them to enjoy their holidays!

If it is free for users then what is the revenue model? 

The Platform is free for all users. You can plan a road trip without paying a single rupee. Our revenue model is for any booking you do through the website. Be it Hotels, Car rentals, taxis, insurance or a range of other services we are adding constantly on the platform. We also promote content and charge business for the same.

What is the best part of road trips? 

When you are flying down to a particular location, you are often constricted to a certain radius of kilometres to explore. Your holiday becomes like a million others taken by every traveller. When you do a road trip, you are in control of the things you can see along the trip, where to stop, what to do etc. You are in control of the holiday that you take with your family or friends. As they say, the family that travels together , stays together! It brings the travellers closer to each other and you are able to bond better also. Many places of breathtaking beauty are often overlooked because you are not able to reach there from the airport. You can take a road trip there to explore better! This sense of adventure and trust it brings to the traveller is according to us the best part of a road trip.

Does each highway have a different flavour? 

The character of each highway is different – the roads of Tamil Nadu are brilliant which you can trust blindly while those of Gujarat can be endless and lonely. It is these quirks that make travel so exciting and yet challenging. Also for example,  in terms of the roads, I don’t think there is any better than the wonderful Agra Lucknow expressway. The sheer quality of the roads here are brilliant. The amount of fuel stations and clean toilets along the highway is also a major plus point. Food is another major plus point.

In India, road travel is changing courtesy multiple factors: the beautiful highways that the government is building. Not to miss the new age cars and the strong cellular networks that now allow you to be in touch at any time. Also, now Indians are keen to make use of long weekends and take short breaks with their own wheels – be it a car or a bike!




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