A nice looking pack of this Tata Sampann Pakora Mix caught our attention during their roadside promotion. We quickly availed the Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer at just Rs. 50.

Our first question?

How is it different from regular Chickpea flour? Another marketing gimmick is it?

Our own experiment

Not going by the recipes suggested, we quickly mixed some chopped onions, coriander and the Tata Sampann Pakora Mix powder. According to the required batter consistency, we added some water and deep fried the pakoras.

Additional salt required?

We added a pinch of salt along with a pinch of soda powder and celery seeds (ajwain).

Here’s what we made


Did we feel the difference from regular Chickpea Flour?


We certainly did! The powder comes with already mixed of certain ingredients you don’t want to hunt in your kitchen.

What more?

The pack says – Low Oil Absorb

Comes from our very trusted Tata

If you have questions before you want to buy this product, comment below.


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