Places Where Tourists Are Not Welcomed


India may be thriving largely on its tourism, but not all countries are that warm and welcoming for the tourists. Trust when we say, there are countries in the world that do not like to have many tourists around and may even make the tourists feel unwelcomed.

Here are the top destinations from the world that are not so welcoming for their tourists despite being amazingly beautiful and travel worthy.


Before 1974, Bhutan was never on a travelers radar. But, ever since people got to know about its natural beauty they started flocking the country. This made the government to pass a regulation to preserve their unspoiled landscape and culture. The royal kingdom is situated on the edge of the Himalayas and follows ‘high value, low impact’ tourism policy. The country also has a restricted number for tourists to visit every year. Also, all the visitors have to pay £190 per day for visa fees to explore this divine beauty.

Barcelona, Spain

In 2015, the first female mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau took office and from very first day she has been strict about her tourism policies. She clearly stated that she doesn’t want Barcelona to become just another cheap souvenir destination. Ever since she took her job she has frozen the licenses for holiday rental apartments and hotels. She is also planning to propose a new tourist tax that will limit the number of people visiting Barcelona every year.

Santorini, Greece

In 2016, Greece decided to curb its tourism and has started capping the cruise ship visitors. Earlier, the Santorini Island in Greece was receiving more than 10,000 tourists per day arriving through cruises, not the number has been capped to 8000. They believe large number of tourists can spoil the pristine beauty of the Island.

Would you still like to pay a visit to any of these places?


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