Old charm with a new touch

Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai is back with its take 2. The old comic show is back after 7 years with new characters but hasn’t lost their previous job of making other people laugh. Sarabhai house, Maya’s (Ratna Pathak Shah) ‘elite-class’ attitude vs Monisha’s ‘middle-class, down-market’ habits, Rosesh’s meaningless yet funny poetry, Sahil’s helplessness and Indravadan’s (Satish Shah) sarcastic take on every topic, everything remains just the same except that a few new characters have been introduced and the setting of the show has changed.

The crazy Sarabhai family now lives in penthouses because their old apartments are under renovation, not to mention Monisha’s apartment is still filled with litter all around, while Maya’s apartment is spick and span.

The show begins with the family stuck in a bus which is about to fall off a cliff and Maya blames Monisha for hiring an ‘alcoholic’ driver, and the fun part is how she defends herself by stating that she hired the ‘alcoholic driver’ despite knowing that he had been challenged. Later, Rosesh’s delivery of his disgusting poetic masterpiece and Indravadan’s one-liners was fun to watch.

Soon after, the viewers are welcomed by Sahil into their penthouse and clearly explained what led to the situationThere are new characters in Take 2 like Monisha and Sahil’s seven-year-old son Arnab, Maya and Indravadan’s daughter Sonia and of Jasmine Mavani, Rosesh’s fellow theatre artist.

Overall, They have managed to retain its old charm but blended it with new touch. The first episode of this season is already out on hotstar and new show will be aired every Tuesday.


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