Oktoberfest celebrations at Lord of the Drinks, Barrel House Gurgaon

Oktoberfest arrives at a premium time of the year amidst high doses of festivities. The fest comes as an addition to the merry-making while people are wrapped in celebrations. While there are several reasons to celebrate Oktoberfest throughout the world, Indians are fascinated by the fact that this fest brings with itself, a good reason to have good food and even great beer.

“The fact that Oktoberfest comes at a time in India where people are wrapped up in festive vibes and celebrations are at large. Good food, beer, and happiness are what the fest is all about; especially in metropolitan cities where we see an amalgamation of different cultures. It serves as a very good time for restaurants to roll out promotional activities, special deals and offers to attract the crowd with interactive concepts,” says Priyank Sukhija, Owner, CEO and MD of First Fiddle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd”

Also, the crowd gets to avail great deals and discounts on mugs, buckets, and pints and is definitely one of the most Instagram-worthy events as cafés will be designed and recreated with fun picture props, easels, photo booths just like the popular Oktoberfest in Munich.


Lord of the Drinks, Barrel House is ready to get into German feels. Gurgaon, a place where there are breweries and beer heavy pubs, Barrel House should be your ideal choice to celebrate Oktoberfest.

With its authentic Oktoberfest vibes, Barrel House is all set to take you to on a ride. Beer prepared especially for this time of the year will be pouring all over the house. You can choose from options like German Lagers, Hefeweizen, Belgium Witbier, and Marzen flavored beers. The breathtaking ambiance with Bavarian flags and banners, stewardess donning the Bavarian outfits among other will put you in a celebratory mood. To set the bar high and begin the festivities, none other than Rajiv Gulati, founder of Beer Buddies marked the inauguration by pouring the first beer. The food palate is set to complement the fiasco. Discounts on beers are not only inviting but pocket-friendly with 29 rupees before 8 p.m and 59 rupees post 8. That’s a pretty good deal you will regret if you miss. So you know where to be, this Oktoberfest.


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