North Korea open to talking with Donald Trump


In the surprising events, North Korea remarked that the country is open to talking with the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, only ‘if the conditions were right.’ This was reported by the South Korean media on Sunday. Choe Son-Hui, an official of North Korea, was previously involved in the nuclear talks. He commented that after his meeting with the officials of the United States in Oslo, they have come to the conclusion that they will hold the discussion with the President Donald Trump. Although Choe has not provided any details as to on what topic the discussion will be held, it is being assumed that the nuclear ambition of Pyongyang will be the center of discussion.

It is needless to say that after this declaration, tension a has reached the top level in the United States, especially after the US officials warned North Korea of taking action against them with the ongoing testing of the Nuclear Missiles. President Donald Trump also warned the world of the possibility of a major war after the missile testing at Pyongyang. The White House continuously warned the North Korea of taking military action. But after North Korea opened the gates of discussion with the United States, Donald Trump remarked that he would be extremely honored to meet the president of North Korea, Kim Jong-un.

What is the ruckus about?

This entire ruckus took place after North Korea started to test its nuclear missile at Pyongyang. This made the United States concerned, and they repeatedly warned North Korea to sop with the testing. Coe Son-hui told the media at Beijing that bilateral discussion between the United States and Pyangong would be held on the issue of the nuclear testing. It is also important to know that the United States has sent several warships for the installation of the anti-missile system at South Korea.


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