NGO’S AND FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS -The ‘Non’ is the only difference that remains.

The Non Governmental Organizations, the ones for the people, for the common ones out there are an irreplaceable part of the apparent operational landscape.


-When asked about an NGO, there exists a pre defined image in almost every mindset. They strongly are perceived to be a better version of an organization, when compared to the governmental ones and for profit organizations in terms of the public welfare and amenities required by the community.

-It is the very reason that why the strategy and policy developers, not only in India but all over the world are showing expanded engrossment in introducing new and more NGO’s.

-Attracting altruistic funders to fulfill the necessities for public goods as well as welfare and to lessen the failure at a mankind level prove out to be one big time advantage in its favor. Not only do they confine themselves to the social security of the needy but also serve for the communal innovation and responsiveness towards it.


-Beyond that, political and democratic involvement is also an importance aspect of the working of an NGO. In spite of such substantial number of advantages and benefits, if we go through the history along with the current scenario, the advantages have been compromised to an utmost disgusting severity.

-A possible reason for such degrade in this part of an organization is because of its conversion to meet the business needs, BUSINESS NEEDS ONLY. And for which the entire working of NGO has been traded off in favor of standardization of the worst, leading in the loss of integrity.
-The only difference that remains now is the term defined for it –
The ‘Non Governmental Organizations’ else the level of deception and corruption in these organizations is possible equivalent to those working for profit, or maybe even more.

-Yet, the reason for the continuous excessive working and the new set ups of NGOs is because of the high level interest of business men, institutional and corporate funders funding and promoting activities like these to an unimaginable extent, to whom only money matters and not the welfare of the society.

Because of the above mentioned issues, even the ones working rightly fall into the ‘doubtful’ category. This has ultimately resulted in destroying the aforementioned pre defined image of NGOs exposing them to terrible condemnation. Hence, it is very important for us, for the public and for the policy makers to understand the importance of the non-profit organization deeper and to come up with better modus operandi for genuinely facilitating the society.



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