Namaste Jaishree Krishna by Pelican Entertainment

The play NAMASTE Jaishree Krishna focuses on the New World, where barriers are shrinking and where traditions, social values are struggling to keep up with a new generation which is undecided on the path it must follow. Inevitably, this leads to a conflict between the old and the emerging ‘New’. It discusses sensitive issues belief and non-belief, and an importance of miracle in day to day life without offending your sensuality and yet takes you into the realm of the surreal and the psychic. There is philosophy, humour and laughter, festivity, sadness and nostalgia, a treat for everyone, all performed with finesse and spontaneity by a superb cast led by Ila Arun and K.K. Raina.


Aditya Chauhan, CEO, Pelican Entertainment said, “Theater is that moon in my past which will glitter throughout my life no matter what profession I pursue. It is something that will help you to explore your personality better and I guess this could also be the reason that people after doing theater even for once can never really get detached of it.”

The play was performed on September 2nd, 2017 at Pearey Lal BhawanITO in Delhi. Team headed by the Legends like Ila Arun and K.K. Raina acted the story with their soul, with Aditi Sharma, Ashutosh Pandit and Abhishek Pandey supporting them. Emotions were put so finely that people present there could not resist to clap. It’s one of the most applauded plays from K.K Raina. The sharp performance kept people intact throughout the play. The performance just didn’t entertain people but also taught them the importance of tradition and values in today’s date.


Venue: Pearey Lal Bhawan, ITO, Delhi
Date: Friday, September 2nd, 2017
Time: 7:30pm onwards



About Mr. Aditya Chauhan:

With an interest driven towards theatre and direction, Mr. Aditya Chauhan joined Aapka Munch Production immediately after completing school. His association gave him exposure towards events planning and production other than enhancing his acting and directing skills. Pelican Entertainment came into existence in 2015, ever since they have done many plays, workshops and events under the guidance of Mr. Chauhan.

As the entertainment industry is vast and keeps developing with every day passed, he stands firm on the ground facing all challenges. In a short time he has associated with names such as Avinash Das, Manoj Ramola, and many more. He is soon coming up with projects dedicated to theatre and movies.

About Pelican Entertainment:

Pelican Entertainment aims to entertain audiences by bringing several kinds of events and activities like theatre play, music concert, etc. Established barely a few months back, they have done a few theatre plays and associated with big names and currently are part of some really good and interesting projects. They look forward to get into full time production and come with their own conceptualized web series, tele series and movies.


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