Mumbai Street Food: Its Time To Move Over Pav Bhaji


Mumbai and Pav Bhaji have become synonymous with each other. Everyone who talks about Mumbai talks about three things, sea, Bollywood and pav bhaji. Despite being so over-hyped, there are people who would say that Mumbai has more to offer when it comes to lip smacking street then just the pav bhaji.

No offense to the mighty Pav Bhaji, but the next time you are Mumbai make sure you ditch it for good and try these scrumptious street food options instead to relish your taste buds.

Vada Pav

Undoubtedly, Mumbai sells the best vada pavs that you would ever find anywhere in the country. Right from the aloo patty dipped in gram flour tot he chutney they apply on pav and the soft pav itself with teekhi mirchi, everything is just wow for the street food lovers.

Pani Puri

Though pani puri is not specific to Mumbai, but there is something different about its taste that you will not find in Delhi’s Gol Gappa or Kolkata’s Puchka. Chickpeas, potatoes, spices, tamarind chutney and their spicy paani. Only their name is mouth watering enough to make you feel hungry.


Mumbai is the birthplace of Frankie rolls that we relish so deliciously and yes, they still serve the best in the country Frankie Rolls. Whether you want mutton, chicken, eggs potatoes, chickpeas, veggies, every option is available at your disposal with raw onion and spicy sauces.

Bombay Sandwich

Sandwiches can be of several types, but the famous Bombay Sandwich is distinctive tot his place. Very basic ingredients are used to make this delectable item but its taste is heavenly that makes it a popular breakfast option or a quick snack to suppress your hunger pangs.

There is more to the city then pav bhaji and there is even more to the options that I have shared. All it needs is a foodie who is willing to give a try to everything that tastes good.


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