Life in Colors-Energy Painting Exhibition by entrepreneur & film-maker turned painter Anuja Sachdeva

Anuja Sachdeva-an entrepreneur & a film-maker tuned painter is extremely delighted to present a vivid exhibition of Energy Paintings. The “LIFE IN COLORS” show will run on1st June, 2017 to 30th June 2017 from11 am to 9pm at The Art Palate, The Club, D.N Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai. The exhibition will feature a range of energy paintings that add not just love, compassion, and sanity through colors but also promises to add GLOW in your already colourful life.

Anuja Sachdeva, a self-taught painter believes in spreading pragmatic attitude in form of energy paintings. Most of her work is inspired by the human emotions and moments captured… while this itself is stunning, but the real beauty is when she transforms the basic emotions into ecstacy, simply by her painting technique such as GLOW in the DARK. She not only transforms a blank canvas into lively colors, but also turns them into colour therapy and energy source that exudes healing vibrations to one and all. The beauty of her energy paintings is truly mesmerizing!

In this show, you will experience different shades of colours that add meaning to your life. A woman, caught behind the cage of responsibilities can be as colourful and alluring as the Painting ‘Freedom’ and ‘Hidden Beauty’, which depicts an independent, beautiful and confident woman who rises up to stand for herself. Anuja Sachdeva truly gives a message of freedom, confidence and Self Love for all in each stroke that she has created.

The struggles of life and determination to join the broken pieces can be only sensed from Anuja Sachdeva’s ‘Man in the Making’; which is a two-way painting that also depicts the only truth of life, that ‘one day we will all turn to ashes’. Her use of colours, her vision and the energy of this painting is truly inspiring!

A true love’s kiss, I guess we all believe in this and so does Anuja Sachdeva! It is worthwhile to notice how minutely she has detailed,‘A promise to keep’, ‘Kiss of Love’ and ‘True Love’paintings that explore all the facets of a true relationship. These energy paintings bring in passion; intimacy and companionship that strengthen the bond of love.

“We all know that every colour has it’s own frequency and energy. And I believe that each color triggers some emotion and thus a painting resonates with an individual in different ways. Life in Color exhibits not just my art, but is a mirror of an inner soul bringing bliss and meaning to the eyes of an individual in their own accords”, says Anuja Sachdeva. One can’t keep themselves away from the GLOW in The Dark paintings conceptualized by her. ‘Paris Love’ and ‘Sensuous Sunset’ not just glorify your ambience but also work to enhance your romantic side! While ‘Yin Yang’, another Glow in the Dark painting, adds the perfect balanced energy required to bring harmony, peace and prosperity in your life.

Colors are an integral part of life that functions to paint our thoughts and beliefs. Anuja Sachdeva desires to reach you through her paintings that will serve to synchronize your thoughts drenched in the perception of LIFE IN COLORS. It is equally important to note that these energy paintings are cost effective, simple to understand and open for thought exploration by anyone. These beautiful paintings created from acrylic colors cost from a range of 25K to 2Lacs and will always work to add that missing stroke of Color, Energy and Glow to your ambience and life.

Life in Colors – Energy Painting by Anuja Sachdeva


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