Let’s Barter India and Myolo collaborate to bring unique event Secret Talks :: Book Barter Edition

Let’s Barter India, World’s largest community for barter, is collaborating with Myolo, that hosts bespoke events to meet new people in a safe and fun manner. They present an exclusive event called Secret Talks :: Book Barter Edition. This is event
is a book barter spin off to Myolo’s signature event- SECRET TALKS- targeting the youngsters of the city who are book lovers, and are open to meeting new people.

A closed event for 40 people only this time, Secret Talks :: Books Barter edition is going to host adults that will be given pseudo-names (according to the character of the book they are carrying) and blindfolds. Members will interact with other members about books and reading, without revealing their identity. It’s about having lively conversations without judgements and prejudices. It’s about paying attention on words/conversations and not physical appearances. Pooja Bhayana, Co-Founder, Let’s Barter India said, “We are very excited about this event since we first got acquainted with the concept of Secret Talks. We got the opportunity to mix it up with books barter, and thought that is the perfect way to facilitate barter between interested individuals, with no judgements!

We are looking to forward to doing more of these events with Myolo!” Kshitij Jain, Founder of Myolo, also expressed his excitement and said, “It is wonderful to be associating with a brand like Let’s Barter India and connecting people based on a shared interest. The thought behind Secret Talks is to help people Unstranger themselves, while sharing experiences with like-minded individuals. We are looking forward to hosting many such interesting people on the 4th of June.”

The organizers have partnered with Innov8 Coworking to host this event at Innov8 Coworking CP. Since, this Secret Talks comes with a twist of barter- members must get a book along and barter it with the other interested bibliophiles. Tickets are available for the event online, but walk-ins are welcome too. Secret Talks :: Books Barter edition is being held on the 4th of June, 2017 at The Café, Innov8 Coworking, Connaught Place.


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