Know the top two candidates of the French Election 2017


Marine Le Pen

French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen, 48, entered the French politics fifteen years ago. She is the daughter of the then defender of the patriarch of the National Front, Jean-Marie. She has defined her path with the interplay of the National Front. She is popularly known to ‘bust open the TV, ‘ and to her admirers, she does it even now.

During the final campaign at Nice, Le Pen’s speech consisted of the subjects about the threats posed by the immigrants, globalization, and the fear of banks to crush them. Her words were said to have ushered a ray of hope among her admirers. To quote her, she said, “My dear compatriots, I’m not interested in your race, your origin, your ****** orientation. What interests me, is your happiness.”

The new President, Emmanuel Macron

Another candidate, Emmanuel Macron, 39, who was once an investment banker, and also the former economy minister of France, is after the quest of being the youngest president of France. His profile is said to be an insider, but his policies are downright similar to those of an outsider. It is ever precocious that Emmanuel Macron, within a very short period, succeeded with the very first challenge of selling himself, even after being unfamiliar to the population of France.

The far-right leader Marine Le Pen has threatened to take out France from the European Union, while Emmanuel Macron is known as the ardent pro-Europe. He has portrayed himself as anti-Le Pen.

At the final face-off of the 7th May, the voters polled for Emmanuel Macron, making him the youngest president of France. The task of Emmanuel Macron’s movement is now renamed as the La Republique en Marche! It will quickly define itself for the voters just before the first round of the legislative election of June 11th followed by a week later runoffs.


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