Johnnie Walker presents ‘Infusion’ at The Boston Butt | Devour the Drunkest Food Menu in town

With the winter onset​; the warmth of whiskey & cheer of celebrations shall be ​ring​ing ​constantly in ​our hearts. An amalgamation of cheer, gastric satiation, and some fine liquid experience is all what one wants. Catering the same, at The Boston Butt their executive chef and founder, Chef Siddharth Kashyap has specially curated a menu infusing the finest Johnnie Walker blends in our food​, giving you the warmth and ​a perfect spirit ​experience for your palette to titillate your taste buds.

Adding to the flamboyance of this fine craft of smoking and slow cooking, we have lined a whole menu containing slow braised meats, glazed and basted with the Johnnie Walker blends to leave you in wonder. Expect the contents of the menu to be spirit infused, ranging from the the entrees to desserts including a Christmas Bundt Cake and whiskey infused ice-creams, all giving you the perfect hint of the blend along with the original Boston Butt flavours, making it an unique experience for our guests.

As a cherry on the cake, we have specially curated cocktails by the Master of Concoctions, Jamie Walker – Luxury Brand Ambassador, Johnnie Walker; himself.

Concluding all the shenanigans lined for this activity, we are all open to host you’ll with these fine curations by The Boston Butt and Johnnie walker till the end of 2017.
Find this menu in place till the end of this year, i.e 31st Dec ’17.

About The Boston Butt:

The Boston Butt is India’s‭ 1st Smokery,‭ ‬Charcuterie Bar Cafe.‭ ‬They are influenced by American Smokeries particularly from Texas,‭ ‬Carolina,‭ ‬Tennessee,‭ ‬Louisiana which are the best in the world.‭ ‬They have imported customised grilles/‭ ‬smokers from USA and their chefs constantly monitor the smokers maintaining temperatures during the entire cooking process​.‭ ‬​The bacon is cured and smoked in-house along with sausages,‭ ‬breads,‭ ‬nachos,‭ ‬tacos,‭ ‬desserts‭ ‬,‭ ‬ice creams,‭ ‬kefir probiotic beverages,‭ ‬phosphate sodas‭; ‬all made in house.‭ ​Located in the historic Kala Ghoda district of South Mumbai,‭ ‬The Boston Butt is an all-American barbecue diner with a southern soul.‭ ‬For the decor,‭ ‬chef,‭ ‬and restaurateur‭ ‬Siddharth Kashyap along with his partners Karna Shinde and Nishant Rao,‭ ‬approached Ar.‭ ‬Reza Kabul who created a confluence of regional styles from the Dixie States into the design.‭ ‬All in all The Boston Butt,‭ ‬the city’s first smokery‭ & ‬charcuterie,‭ ‬aims at delivering the finest food and ambiance of the Dixie states‭!​



1st-floor Rampart Row 30 K Dubash Marg Opp. Max Mueller Bhavan, Near Rhythm House and Jehangir Art Gallery, Kalaghoda, Fort, Maharashtra 400023

Contact no: 022 – 69470000 / +9188790 24443
Date: 15th Dec-31st Dec 2017
Time​: 12:00 pm – 1:00 am
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