Riding on digital India wave and propelled by a Rs. 1.5 trillion investments, Reliance Jio pitched as the world’s largest start-up by Mukesh Ambani, opened the floodgates of data usage nationwide.

Since September 2016, with just your Aadhar card, you were entitled to a never-before offer of free services including voice calls, SMS, 4G data, Jio TV, and apps. Now that the freebies are done with, everyone is in splits to get Jio Prime or not.

Simple facts: Those who join Jio before 31st March 2017 can get Jio Prime membership, at annual one-time fees of Rs 99 before 31st march 2017. Further by paying additional monthly (exactly 28 days) charges of Rs 303 one can keep enjoying the Happy New Year offer, which entails the following:

  • Unlimited calls and SMS.
  • 28 GB 4G data with FUB of 1 GB/day.
  • Jio’s premium contents

For Non-Prime members, the Rs. 303 plan will fetch you unlimited calls & SMS but just 2.5 GB data for 28 days.

So, if you are satisfied with the Jio services and quality and are willing to continue then you should undoubtedly get prime.

But if you were using Jio just because it was free and are irked with its call drops and fluctuating data speeds, then there is not much to lose for you either.Let me list down some plans of other telecom giants (Delhi NCR circle):

  • Airtel: Rs. 345-unlimited calls + 28 GB data (1GB/day) for 28 days.
  • Vodafone: Rs. 356- unlimited calls+ 28 GB data (1GB/day) for 28 days.

Jio disrupted the telecom market with jaw-dropping low rates for data. But this didn’t stop others, gingerly they followed suit. Jio’s infrastructure is in its infancy, causing inconsistent services in all its circles where as its contemporaries already have the necessary infrastructure in place. Telecom industry has sown golden seeds for you; make sure you reap them nicely.