Jeans and T-Shirts banned in workplaces in Uttar Pradesh


The 2017 Elections in Uttar Pradesh witnessed the victory of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). Though the party hadn’t decided its representative for the post in the beginning but later, MAHANT ADITYNATH YOGI became the chief minister of the state. Being a Hindu Nationalist, he has always promoted the Hindu community and its ideals and moral conducts. The chief minister has planned to form Anti-Romeo squads in order to protect the teenage girls and women from the practice of eve-teasing which has been badly running in the state over the years. Since cow is considered a holy animal in the Hindu religion, so he has also imposed a ban on the practice of cow-smuggling in Uttar Pradesh. With the view of promoting the moral conducts, the state government has imposed a new ban on the dress code of government employees.

Uttar Pradesh government banned the wearing of jeans and t-shirts in the government offices. It has been just a week since the new chief minister held his command and he has started taking forward his moral policies. Just a few days ago, the Uttar Pradesh Government banned the consumption of ‘PAAN MASALA’ and ‘GUTKA’ in government offices and here comes another decision leading to the implementation of the moral conduct. Along with these two, MAHANT ADITYANATH YOGI, the new chief minister of Uttar Pradesh has also banned the use mobile phones in schools along with the ban of informal dresses in school timings.

As per the decision of the government, government offices have ordered their employees to switch over to formals rather than casual jeans and t-shirts. Young employees have argued that it is strange that how their dress code is going to make a difference. Government offices have strictly warned their employees that if the order is not followed the employees would be marked absent for the day and hence, the salary would be deducted. The formal dress code for males would be pant-shirt and that for females would be salwar-suit or saris. The order has been passed to all the government offices and is strictly expected to be followed.


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