Is this the same reservation System what Dr. Ambedkar had Thought

Caste system in India  had its root in ancient India which is  perpetually watered by the society and is now grown into a full grown tree but the growing part hasn’t stopped yet. Society want this tree to fall but they are not putting effort to chuck it out, the ironical part is that we cut the tree which gives us oxygen and help us to live where as we are not cutting this tree which is slowly eating our society and making us hollow from inside and same is done by the people who take advantage of the reservation.

Image Source: Career360

This article is based on the story of Rahul (name changed). Rahul wasn’t a very studious child but was hardworking. Last year he cleared is 12th with a percentage above 90 so he was very happy that now he will get into his dream college in the dream city. So with enthusiasm, Rahul went to university to submit his form to college and along with him there was another girl who got down from a luxury car who was fully loaded with branded clothes and accessories but from reserved category who has scored percentage in 70’s. Rahul was very much sure that he will get admission in his dream college and in the course he wanted but his belief shattered when he saw the list and his name wasn’t there. So he took admission in the second college of his list. After few months Rahul saw that same girl in the same college and in the same course with less percentage which shattered his confidence and that he believed the general or the unreserved category will never receive any opportunity.

The major reason for writing this article is because this act which is prevalent is eating our society. Don’t misunderstand that we are against reservation but it is only for those who need it, not for those who have everything but still take advantage of it. This need to stop, authorities need to understand that ‘every person in general category is not rich, also every person in reserved category is not poor. This thing is also continued in employment facilities, the major question what arises here is when both of them has received same degree and from same institute why one should be privileged.