Is Staying In Hostel Better Than Hotel For A Solo Traveler?

For a solo traveler deciding where to stay while on a trip remains a matter of utmost concern. Their decision can either make or break their trip, so the considerations have to be made very carefully.

A solo traveler often remains confused between the choice to have a hotel or a hostel as they both come with their share of pros and cons that can make a lot of difference. However, instead of staying loyal to one option, it is always better to ask yourself these question before deciding on to your stay for every solo trip.

  • How important are amenities for you (Room service, breakfast, fitness center, cleaned laundry, etc.)?
  • You want to feel like a traveler or a local?
  • Are you open to meeting other solo travelers?
  • What level of comfort are your looking for?
  • Is money a matter of consideration?
  • Is the trip work or leisure?

Once you are clear with your priorities it will become easier for you to decide on where to stay. Though, there are pros and cons of both the options, the decision will largely be influenced by your budget, type of travel and your expectations from the trip. However, you can consider the below points to make a choice:

Hotels: Certainly they can be a good choice if you are looking for more comfort and want to get catered by a trained staff. Though, the budget might be a constraint here.

Hostels: They are a good choice for solo travelers who are on a budget. Also, while staying in a hostel you will get to meet and engage with other solo travelers coming from different parts of the world.

Whether you have tried both or not, there is always a first time. So, decide what you want and be a master of your perfect solo travel plan.