Is It A Trap or Real Work: Arvind Kejriwal latest action?

Delhi Chief Minister latest statement is asking every Top official to get out of their  air-conditioned  and visit field office to understand the situation of people who is caused by implication of government policies.

‘ “Unless we know the situation first hand, all policies will remain on paper only,” the Chief Minister has said in a directive to Delhi’s most senior bureaucrat Chief Secretary MM Kutty, asking him to ensure that all Secretary-level officers spend at least half a day every week in the field and submit reports.

Only yesterday, Mr Kutty had received another letter from Mr Kejriwal asking him to take action against officers responsible for the bills of suppliers to government-run hospitals not being paid, which he said has caused a medicine shortage. It sent out the message that the bureaucracy would be held accountable for lapses.

In another order he has asked the Public Works Department secretary to personally oversee the cleaning of drains in the capital.

Arvind Kejriwal’s energetic stress on good governance comes after his Aam Aadmi Party’s debacle in the Delhi civic elections last month. It followed humiliating defeats in Punjab and Goa, elections, to campaign for which the Chief Minister was conspicuously missing from Delhi for weeks’.-Reported NDTV

In the end, he asked ministers to go for field visit and also revived an old practise which is now discontinued of sparing an hour for meeting people without any appointment.