Indian Women Facing Family Issues due to Office Load


In earlier days, there were some man-made limits for women however now women possess important roles in different zones. Today women are handling their families as well as offices, giving a lift to their societal status at the same time. Even though in India, a huge number of women are managing jobs and helping their families financially, the mindset towards women and their part in the family has not experienced much change. Women continue being viewed as weak and often are ignored. They are still expected only to take care of their family and children.

Out of a survey done by Varsha Kumari of National Institute of Technology Rourkela, in India, around 44% females reacted that, they think it’s hard to oversee family life and expert life since they need to go home to the family and take care of the family tasks and deal with their children. They longed for some clear adapting techniques to help them to convey all the workload and still have the capacity to deal with their private issues.

Moreover, women face hardship when they have to work for late hours. As India is considered as one of the most traditional countries in the world, female workers working here late at night are not taken positively. Women who work for long hours outside homes face many harassments from family and the society. Another matter which should be highlighted is, the fact that if the wife earns a more respectable position in society than the husband then in most cases the woman has to go through a lot of ups and downs to balance these two sectors. Moreover, those who work sometimes have a hard time to choose priorities as both of them intend to depend a lot on her.

However, with the growth of urbanization, people are changing their perspectives and some families are trying their best to help the women in the house to explore their talents in work fields. Some men are also coming to light by helping their wives manage the family side by side the office loads. These incidents are sure to lighten the future for women.


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