Impress anyone with a Portrait – A gift to express how much they matter!

“A man’s life is but an eternal search for a gift that limns his feelings, emotions and gratitude towards the person he loves. 😛 ”

– Aristotle Everyone who ever decided to buy a gift

You’ll be going through your life minding your own business and then these would pop up!

Birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day and festivals like Christmas, Easter… the list is simply endless.

With all of them comes the haunting responsibility of choosing a gift – a perfect gift that isn’t too personal and yet not too shallow. That won’t be too costly and yet not too cheap. Something that touches the heart of the receiver, something as special as they, something to show them how much they matter! And yet not something as cliché as mugs, photo frames and teddy bears.

Consider your prayers answered! We present to you the one shoe that fits all in the world of Gifting.


Yes! An actual portrait by a professional artist of any person.

There’s a story behind every face and there is nothing better than a portrait to capture the beauty, the uniqueness and the journey that the face depicts. That’s what makes Portraits so beautiful. Because with every wrinkle, every dimple and every single stroke that the artist paints on the canvas, something unexplainable in words gets etched into the canvas.

Want to impress your boss? Your wife? Want to woo your crush? Maybe you just want to give a Rakhi gift? Or maybe it’s Mother’s day and you want to let your Mom know how important she is to you!

What would it look like? Like this!


This one simple gift hack can help you impress anyone in your life. You’ll be the best son, daughter and boyfriend or wife that there ever was.

Sounds good? Wait! It gets even better!

You don’t need to be an artist for this. You can get it done at SmileMiddle.

And NO! You don’t need to be super rich as well. This desi homegrown startup totally knows cost sensitive Indian hearts are! J

Here are some other beautiful products that SmileMiddle recently shipped to its customers.

You could get one done for someone you love at

Choose from 6 different art mediums and select any custom size. They deliver it to any location in the world that you specify! Completely confidential and always the most competitive prices.

It doesn’t even have to be a gift! You could simply get one for yourself and let your amazing portrait adorn your walls. Your room speaks a lot about you after all!

So what is stopping you? Hit a button and pre-order now at SmileMiddle. Sooner or later the
‘Gift Monster’ will haunt you too! And then, SmileMiddle will come to the rescue.

PS: This is amazing and we simply just can’t get enough of it! 😛


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