How will the entry of Apple influence Indian market?

Indians are in love with Apple’s products and iPhone, and so is Apple. But the cost of Apple products which is quite high has led to the decrease in the sales to 1.2 % in comparison to the previous year. Samsung, on the other hand, has increased its market to near about 51%. So now Apple is strategizing out ways to gain a wider audience to increase the gains.

Earlier only a few distributors were able to sell the iPhone in big cities, but now Apple is planning to go for special distributors who can reach out to the public even in smaller towns. But the experts says it may affect the sales, but the major problem lies in the price of the product.

In the year 2016, Tim Cook had announced the Make in India plan of Apple at Bengaluru. So the production of iPhone would be started off in India. The iPhones manufactured here would be only meant to sell in India and will not be exported.

Apple is aimed at pushing its revenue even higher in the coming years. Despite, the demand of dual SIM, Apple will continue to manufacture single SIM iPhones. Also, it is not going to source the components from India. This seems valid as India isn’t very well resourced so far.

Apple is also opting out for one of his assembling partners to set up a plant in Bengaluru. Apple holds only 1.1% of the total market share, in contrast to Samsung, the rival company that holds around 22.6% of the market share. The main purpose of setting up assembly units in India is not only to strengthen the relation with the Indian government but also to enhance the sale of high priced models of iPhone in India.