How Trump Is Changing The Face Of Immigration

Ever since Donald Trump took the office as the President of the United States, he has been pretty clear about his views on immigration. Even during his campaign days, he made it clear how he would bring changes int he immigration laws and will restrict illegal immigration to the USA. Going by his words, last month, an executive order was passed by the Trump administration that significantly hardened the illegal immigration policies of the United States.

Though, 2014, Obama government also passed directives related to illegal immigrants and even deported a large number of people by force to their native lands, the new directives from Trump are different in many ways. As per the new directive, there will be no exemption of classes or categories for removal of aliens from potential enforcement.

Now, immigration agents can pick up any immigrant and remove from the country if they are charged or convicted of the criminal offense. Even the minors are included in the list with no exemption. Also, anyone who has already been ordered deported will also be removed regardless of whether they are charged or convicted of a criminal offense or not.

In addition to this, the Trump administration has also brought an end to the ‘Catch-and-Release’ policy of Obama administration. Though, the changes that have been approved will take a significant time to come in action. This is mainly because as of now, the government does not have enough detention facilities to detain the immigrants waiting for the final decision on their status. The authorities need to build the centers big enough to hold to the thousands of illegal immigrants who cross the border every year.

The Trump administration is also planning to use the expedited removal process as extensively as possible for removal of illegal immigrants. They believe that waiting for the original laws to complete their course of action has led to a backlog of more than half a million pending cases in the immigration court.

Seems like the tough stands taken by Donald Trump will make it difficult to have an American Dream in the near future.