How Hireavilla is Introducing the concept of homeliness to the hotel industry

The word travel is one that resonates with everybody irrespective of age and background But the meaning of the word travel is not standard for everyone and is infact very subjective and differs from person to person. Some people choose to travel to explore the world & sometimes even themselves, some travel to just relax and enjoy, some travel for business while some travel just because the experience is blissful for the soul.

No matter what the reason maybe, there’s one thing that nobody enjoys during their travel trips and that is a bad accommodation for their stay. Small spaces, unsatisfactory sanitation conditions, bad hospitality and increasingly expensive bills are some of the common complaints that most travellers have during their stay especially if the choice of stay has been a hotel. Hotels are often notorious for posting deceiving pictures of their property online and are known to be very expensive for budget travellers.


So does that mean that budget travellers cant enjoy a trip without emptying their pockets on flight tickets & accommodation? Nope! Well, we’re not sure about flight tickets but when it comes to accommodation theres a huge sigh of relief. The hospitality industry has rapidly been changing and introducing new concepts to accommodate the needs of their audience and this is exactly where the concept of vacation homes comes in.

Renting out a property like a villa or an apartment for travel accommodation purposes for bigger spaces, more privacy, more flexibility at way cheaper prices is an idea that has taken the liking of current generation travellers who prefer quality for a reasonable price. The vacation home rental services have been a huge hit recently and one such business venture dedicated to this aspect of the hospitality industry that is currently changing the game in India is Hireavilla.


Founded by the CEO of the company Saagar Panchal in the year 2016, its a venture that describes itself as the one stop shop for all the villa vacation planning one would need during their trip and efficiently deal with planning out villas & home stay for large groups and apartments or cottages for small groups along with food arrangements or any needs customised according to the clustomer. So in short, as a customer you get to decide the space, the services that you’ll need and even the budget while the company works to efficiently fulfill all your requirements.


Currently focussing on some of the most popular vacation locations in India, Hireavilla has hit the right spot with the audience by making vacation planning a lot more convenient by whole handedly taking care of all of the needs of their customers during their stay. The convenience, the hospitality and the feeling of living in a home that grants you privacy, help in bringing In a sense of homeliness and that’s what makes this service the right investment for all your accommodation services. So the next time you plan a vacation but fret over spending money on unreasonably expensive hotels, remember that you’ve got Hireavilla as that stop for all your staycation requirements.


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