Homeopathy for Joint Pains – by Dr. Kiran Kumar, Director, Positive Homeopathy

Monsoon creates a lot of buzz with the amount of joy that brings by rains but at the same time everyone should be cautious with the diseases which are being prone like cold, cough, malaria, diarrhoea and especially joint pains in adults but other age groups are also being affected to this. Joint pains can be a symptom for the dangerous diseases that are being affected as well. Any individual who is suffering from severe joint pains or continuous fever or other symptoms can be easily diagnosed with malaria or diarrhoea.

Homoeopathy acts as the best alternative for the conventional treatments as it examines the root cause of the problem and provides the treatment which varies for every individual. One of the major benefits of this treatment is that all the products/elements used for the medicine preparation are natural substances. There is no scope for any chemicals which cause harm to the body. This is the most natural way of healing a person holistically.

Be it any ailment, the medicines with time heal you completely and you don’t have to go through those excruciating painful surgeries. All the procedures adopted are completely painless and effective help you reach your health goals.

All these medicines can be stored for longer time frames and are not restricted to any particular segment of people. Pregnant women, nursing women, children, infants, adults can all undergo homoeopathic treatment without any fear. Be it any kind of health condition chronic or acute, these medicines have a great impact and help a person heal completely.

Even sanitization plays a vital role in regulating the diseases by following some simple steps which I listed below

The bacteria and germs are numerous in the places where water gets clogged and the places which are damp. To fight this, there needs to be change in the food intake completely. This is the way to keep your body healthy by eating right. In times like these despite being conscious about the diet one gets infected with some infection or the other. Here are some safety tips to protect yourself before indulging in food binge this monsoon:

Rather than consuming regular water, switching to filtered or boiled water needs to be considered. Consume enough water to avoid dehydration as one tends to sweat a lot due to the humidity rise during this time. You can also consider coconut water or mineral account.

On a super note, my advice to everyone to be cautious with this particular season is to keep your premises clean and safe so that it won’t result in spreading of the dreadful diseases and Homeopathy gets in aid to treat the symptoms like joint pains which can be seen in many individuals so that they can’t get affected with other diseases.

All the medicines are cost effective, making it completely affordable and available to the common man. Be it any health condition which is troubling you, you don’t have to think twice before opting for homoeopathy, you will be cured and healed no matter what is troubling you today.

Dr. Kiran Kumar, Director, Positive Homeopathy


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