A Surgical Strike against our own nation

“If only the questioners stood on the border.”
You know what is it like questioning your own nation’s army?
Like a son asking his own mother to get a DNA test done and prove him her legitimacy and motherhood.

How could they question their own nation?
How could they question those because of whom the entire country sleeps tight?
They have a democratic right to question, isn’t it?
Read full and you’ll get a logical answer.


So, this begins with Indian Army’s great achievement – The Surgical Strike against Pakistan, our very own neighbor. Going through Pakistan’s abuse for quite a long time; the incident automatically becomes an achievement for all the Bhartiya’s even if it involved blood and violence.


One can sense the reason behind India still not being a ‘Developed Country’ even in the year 2016. Well, the reason is –
‘All those kind of Indians asking Indian Army to validate the surgical strike executed against Pakistan’.

Be it Delhi chief minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, former IITian, Mr. P Chidambaram who straightaway demanded a video of the surgical strike or Mr. Sanjay Nirupam all have been questioning army and government.
The questions from an army man’s point of view to these people are
‘Why such statements and questions are even being raised?’
Do they believe Pakistan’s statement that the surgical strike is a fallacy which is nothing but their defense mechanism and hence, doubting their own army?
Or is it a mere deliberate query just to fall BJP down in the eyes of everyone?
Be it opposition or the party in action, both are guilty.

Opposition – For public cynicism against the leading party and making statements purely keeping the political interests in mind.
Party in Action – For focusing only on the political agenda, building Modi hype and suppressing Army’s courage and gallantry.
The Prime Minister should surely be given credits for the successful mission as it has been planned under his leadership but while giving him all the credits, thanks to the Modi driven media, the appraisal deserved by those Army men who fought on the very ground level seems lost in the hype.


Don’t we or the questioners above have the permission to question the Army?
But then it’s our democratic right, right?
Well, yes, it surely is.

Sometimes, it is not about the ‘RIGHTS’ the constitution has given you.
Sometimes, it is about the sensibility the God has given us.

There is our neighbor, actioning against us since ages and now gives a statement that India is fooling world in the name of the surgical strike that never happened. And there is ‘you’ or ‘they’ for that matter, some way or the other falling for our potential rivals words and ending up suspecting India itself. This has resulted in nothing but a reason for celebration on the other side of the border.
They might not be literally supporting Pakistan but sadly and unknowingly, they have potentially done that. Before putting such insensible query, did they think;
How will any other country believe India when Indians themselves are not sure of their border men and the government?
In addition to the hypocrisy, intellectuals like Mr. P Chidambaram demanded for the video of surgical strike. It is quite saddening that such intelligent representatives utter anything without giving it a deep thought. The video, in any case should not be manifested in front of anyone. Reason being, the Army is a very sensitive and chief wing of a nation and its security. The transparency should be maintained but only up to a very superficial extent. But if gone beyond that, the nation can be exposed to a great risk. Some or in fact a major part of Army activities and information should be kept confidential else the adversaries are keeping a constant eye on us for the worst.

If our country keeps producing representatives like above, the one not thinking sensibly and broadly and only thinking through their political mindsets, we’ll end up with nothing but a surgical strike against our own country, against our own selves.

One shouldn’t risk the authenticity as well as the security of the nation in the world in the name of democratic right or politics.

If only they used the sensibility God gifted them.
Well, it seems like maybe God hasn’t done his job right. 😉


Seema Bhoi has been contributing to the content industry through writing about brands, consulting rookies and providing content management service. She is the Co-Founder of Vibaantta Group & Meethi Lassi.