Hassle – Free Online Table Reservation: The next wave of revolution in Food & hotel industry

Technology has gripped the life of consumers like never before. Today, every decision is taken with the click of a button. And the food & Hotel service industry is no different. In today’s busy world, you don’t want to spend time waiting for your table when you go out for dining. You are better off if you reserve well in advance. If you know which restaurant you want to dine in, then making a reservation is simple – just call and make a reservation. But what happens when the restaurant you wish to eat at is fully booked or when you are not sure about where to dine? This is where table booking apps come to the rescue.
Not only do they provide real-time table availability at restaurants, they also bring exclusive deals and discounts to the diners. A range of options such as bill discounts, party bookings, happy hours etc. aims at targeting audience from all age groups.

Attractive Market:

The Indian restaurant industry includes a range of outlets from the unorganized sector covering small outlets & Dhabas to the structured outlets covering QSR’s, take away outlets, stand alone restaurants, clubs, pubs & bars. The reservation market however is restricted to the structured segment which is further limited to casual and fine dining restaurants where the average cost of dining for two people is above INR 700-800. There are roughly 8000 such restaurants in top 10 cities of the country where the reservation potential is estimated to be around 3 million reservations per month.
Restaurant Table reservation service industry is one of the most vibrant industries that has seen unprecedented growth in the recent past and continues to expand rapidly. This can be attributed to changing demographics, increase in disposable income, urbanization and innovation in technology. A rising young population, along with a fast paced trend of eating out and experimenting various cuisines on a frequent basis, that too without any waiting has provided a plethora of growth opportunities for the industry. Simultaneously, technology has played a pivotal role across various facets of the table reservation service value chain.
Reserving a table online and through Mobile Application has pushed the boundries of convenience further, where table availability is available on real-time, thereby facilitating instant confirmations. The Indian Diaspora presents a significant array of opportunities in this domain. An ever increasing consumer base offers eye catching prospects.
There are multiple regional/national players which are trying to tap into this market but the prominent ones would include Dine-Out, Clicktable and Eazydiner. More recently Zomato entered the space as well looking to leverage its web traffic.

The Concept: Clicktable

Clicktable overcomes the hassles of calling restaurant for booking availability and confirmation. No customers would like to wait outside for their table if they are nearby a restaurant/hotel, more so when accompanied by family. This is where real time online restaurant reservation system offered by Clicktable comes into picture. The platform has currently been launched in Delhi NCR. There are over 850 restaurants, bars and lounges available on the platform.
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Clicktable helps diners find restaurants and make reservations just at a click! Also, the diner has an option to avail amazing offers and deals offered by restaurants.The platform also has a B2B product which runs in the restaurants to streamline their front desk operations. It optimizes management of reservations, wait-lists, guest data, and table allocation. The consumer website and apps are integrated with the software that runs in the restaurant and hence, table availability is available in real-time, thereby facilitating instant confirmations as opposed to the traditional call-center based model offered by other players.


These are cloud based technologies which help improve the management and customer experience via facilitating inventory management, customer management and order management. Various restaurants and cafes have also started using these technologies to enhance consumer experience and increase operational efficiency. It optimizes management of reservations, wait-lists, guest data, and table allocation. Many restaurants through the recession have struggled with keeping tables filled and have reached out to Clicktable and others like to list their tables to keep them booked/reserved, says Mr. Varun Gupta. Consumers have also started to rely on this technology to reserve a table, compare a restaurant, menu items, deals and offers for making decisions about their eating out.

Mushrooming Industry’s Future Outlook:

An Indian diner is not known to make reservations at restaurants and hence most of the players in the market are working to bring in a cultural shift in how diners behave. Over the last 5 years technology has enabled diners to communicate with the restaurants with ease and hence we are seeing a gradual increase in the number of reservations being made in the country. The restaurant industry in itself has seen a major boom during this time with new entrepreneurs, food enthusiasts and corporates opening new restaurants every day.

  -Mr. Varun Gupta, Founder & CEO, Clicktable 


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