Hacks to get yourself a cool match on Tinder


Tinder is tested and verified as one of the best dating apps by millions of people from around the world. But many times, even with what you consider as your perfect profile, you still find yourself unable to find your dream match. You might be the match the other person dreams about, but your profile might be doing little justice to your persona. You don’t need to lose your heart over it. Below are some of the tips and tricks that you can utilize to get yourself a perfect match of your choice.

  • Select the right pictures

A picture says a thousand words”, the first thing anyone would see is your picture that appears on his/her screen. If your picture fails to attract anyone’s attention, you lose your chances then and there itself. Pay extra attention to what pictures you are including; it would be advisable to upload high-quality pictures of yourself and ones with your friends as it would indicate you are social and easy to get along with.


  • Write up an attention grabbing ‘about you.’

A unique and interesting tagline is bound to give you an edge. Make sure to follow up the tagline with a grasping yet true ‘About you’ section. Write up what you like doing, how you spend your leisure time, your dreams and ambitions; anything that would make the viewer

Feel like knowing you more and more.

  • Avoid being chatty

Anyone would hate to be with an over talkative Person. Don’t go yapping about what and all things your friends did or how does your lecturer or Boss get on your nerves. It will surely put your date off.

  • Don’t play too cool

Time and again it has been suggested to be ‘yourself’ if you want to win a person’s, heart. Do not try to show off or pretend to be someone you are not. Have confidence in yourself and let your natural charms work wonders for you.

  • Expand your expected age range

” When in love, age, weight and height” are just numbers. Do not restrict your search to specific age bracket. If you haven’t been able to find the right click for yourself, then try expanding the age range.


  • Select wider area for match

Even after following the above, you still might not be able to find yourself a good match in your area. Try widening your area of geographical search.

  • Use your likes judicially

You wouldn’t want to come across as a desperate person, and you might even exhaust your “likes” option before you actually found someone you really are interested in dating.  Your super likes are also limited in number, so use it only when you truly think you want to give that person a chance.



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