Fresh suit against Arvind Kejriwal: CM In Problem

The Twin profile Minister Arun Jaitley filed a suit against Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The defence and finance minister filed a 10 cr. defamation suit when CM’s lawyer Used an objectionable Word.

Jaitley, who holds the twin portfolios of finance and defence, filed the fresh suit after Kejriwal’s counsel Ram Jethmalani allegedly abused him in open court during the proceedings of another defamation suit he had filed against the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief and five other party leaders.-Times Of India Reported

Advocate of Minister Arun Jaitley had filed a new case against CM Arvind Kejriwal as he used foul language in court through his lawyer which were also recorded in court

Justice Manmohan said if such remarks were made on instructions of Kejriwal, then he should “first step into the box and make good his allegations” before continuing with Jaitley’s cross-examination.

“If such allegations have been made on instructions of Defendant 1 (Kejriwal), then no point in continuing with cross-examination of the plaintiff (Jaitley) anymore. Let Defendant 1 make good his allegations. Let him step into the box,” the judge had said.

Is it Political Rivalary or Something Serious? Let’s wait for the outcome.

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