Empower The Inner You

The strongest action for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine
amongst those who never believed she could

Over the past few years, the stature of women in the society has been subject to many several
changes. Earlier women were only perceived as homemakers and working outside the house in
order to earn a penny was considered as the biggest taboo in the society. Their commercial
workload was not even a part of the National Income. But slowly and gradually with the ongoing
scenario, there’s a dynamic change in the picture.

In the present scenario, increasing presence of women in the business field as entrepreneurs
has changed the demographic characteristics of the business and economic growth of the
country as more and more women are taking up steps to pursue their dreams, ambitions and
other entrepreneurial activities, especially in medium and small scale enterprises. Along with
the socio- cultural barriers, women have overcome all negative notions present in the society
and proved themselves beyond doubt in every sector by withstanding all kinds of
circumstances. They have gracefully been balancing the mix of both career
and entrepreneurial ambitions with home, safety and social accountability with business and
personal life.

These days you’ll see women almost in every vertical whether it is a C-suit job , a painter, a chef,
a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer or be it a teacher. So, it is no more limited to those stereotypical
norms that men can only do such jobs.

My failures have always taught me to grow stronger and better and I want to inspire other
women through my learning’s and my experiences to grow on their professional as well as personal front. I want the women of today’ time to step out from their shoes in this world which is full of vulnerabilities, and grow as a shining gladiator. Most importantly my major focus is my work which makes me happier and also gives me a sense of stability, economic independence and
creative freedom. Also I feel it’s vital for the society to know that women are beyond stronger than
their imagination and have the capability to do substantial and pronounced tasks, all they need is
a little support from their family and society itself.”-said Mrs. Sarita Pansari, Director at Savera
Digital India. “Always remember it is imperative to first empower the inner you and thus you can
empower anything in this world, summed Mrs. Pansari.”

“Enthusiastic, dynamic, sedulous and versatile- best describes my wife Mrs. Sarita Pansari. I really
feel proud in saying that Sarita is my better half. I see her as a prodigious, diligent entrepreneur
and a very responsible & caring wife. This is sheer magic that how she balances both her personal
and professional life so well.”-said Mr. Gopal Pansari, Managing Director at Savera Digital Pvt.

Mrs. Sarita Pansari is the Director of Savera Digital India Pvt Ltd and qualified Chartered Accountant. Savera is one of the fastest growing IT distribution house in India. The company is engaged in distribution of various types of IT products, and is a key distribution market player with a nationwide reach, robust product portfolio and superior service in India. Mrs. Sarita Pansari is associated with Savera since its evolution and stands as a powerful pillar to Savera and backbone to its finance department.

Mrs. Pansari is a well oriented, disciplined & a thorough professional with a keen eye on details
regarding financial management, sales and marketing on her fingertips. She is a visionary and
guides & drives the team towards achieving the desired goals and objectives.
Mrs. Pansari has always shows willingness to be flexible, versatile and tolerant in a changing
work environment while maintaining effectiveness and efficiency. She is a perfect example of
women empowerment. She always anticipate, understand, and respond to the needs of internal
and external clients to meet or exceed their expectations within the organizational parameters
and develop new and unique ways to improve operations of the organization in order to create
new opportunities.


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