Don’t Let World No Tobacco Day Become Just another Day in Your Life

Almost 6 million people die annually just because of tobacco. Out of them, six lakhs die as passive smokers. Not only does Tobacco kill people but also makes you a serial killer. To provide a momentary relief, World Health Organization (WHO) declared 31st May as the World No Tobacco Day in 1987. The basic motto behind the move is to keep people away from smoking for 24 hours. Several awareness campaigns are organized to educate people and make them understand the serious negative consequences of using tobacco.

This year’s motto for World No Tobacco Day is to promote the fact that tobacco is a threat to development. By development, it signifies mental, physical, and environmental development. WHO will be proposing several constructive measures for the government and individuals to fight the current scenario of tobacco crisis.
Well, it is nearly impossible to convince a person to stop smoking when he knows that it is killing him inside. Sometimes, even if they want to give up, they just can’t because of excessive attachment and addiction. Just because there are no immediate health issues or a passive smoker getting killed instantly and the presence of bigger factors causing environmental degradation than just smoking, smokers do not take the idea of giving up smoking very seriously. This is exactly where the jurisdiction of government is required, and they can implement strict rules for smokers or tobacco sellers.

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day Ssumier says,” As we are celebrating the world no tobacco day, we should say no to tobacco as it is injurious to health to consume any kind of tobacco or any kind of drug or chemical. Ultimately your good health is more important than your addiction. When a person gets into these kinds of things he forgets that he has a family, who really loves and care for him a lot. So make sure that this world no tobacco day, you start saying no to tobacco and begin leading a healthy lifestyle. “

Donning a towel on his head with rollers, dark pink glares, and a face mask, Ssumier Pasricha is making the audience roll on the floor with his popular character Pammi aunty. The Indian actor who has who is winning awards and recognition globally for his creation of Pammi aunty is also deeply involved in raising voice for social causes like Rape, Cancer, AIDS, Pollution and differently abled people through his videos.

Image Source: Asian Institute of Oncology

In this world of social media and internet challenges, people are excited about World No Tobacco Day and ready to take the challenge of abstaining from using tobacco for a day. But this should not be just an exception day. This should be the beginning of the complete end of tobacco use. If not for the environment, you need to cut off your tobacco consumption for yourself and your family members. Let 31st May 2017 be the game-changing day in your life.

“Good Health is more important than addiction”, Ssumier Pasricha

The environmental impact of tobacco usage too is significant. According to WHO-GATS data conducted in 2010, approximately 44.3% of adults at home and 37.2% of adults in public places are exposed to secondhand smoke. Also, Asian men already account for major share of the world’s tobacco related illnesses. Indian Government is already taking measure to cut down this trend with Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act 2003. The graphical health warning on cigarette packets has been increased to 85% to motivate smokers to think more deeply about their habit and the risks associated with smoking. It’s clear that whether one looks at its local or global impact, tobacco use remains a problem that must be addressed. However, quitting smoking is not a question of willpower or intentions. It’s a question of genuine need and motivation. One should not stop smoking to please someone else or to save money, but because of a real desire to free themselves from smoking dependency. Let’s say no to tobacco and head towards a healthier world which is free from toxin, tar and cancer.” said Mrs. Sarita Pansari, Director at Savera Digital India Pvt. Ltd.

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