Does dieting help us with weight loss?


Dieting is a process in which people restrict themselves from consuming particular food or resort to cut down their food intake drastically in order to lose weight. Dieting has been hailed as the fastest and most efficient way to the people around the world and also by the celebrities to shed those extra pounds, but is it true? Does dieting really help you to lose weight?

  • Dieting does help one to lose weight, but it needs to be noted that it works only on a short term basis. As an immediate result, extreme dieting or fasting might help you to lose extra flab, but it also removes the lean muscles and tissues which are required by your body for metabolic activities. With the loss of lean muscles, the body trains itself to require fewer calories to perform the daily metabolism making weight gain a most probable result when you stop dieting.
  • Dieting implies burning your body tissues and muscles, but unfortunately, your body doesn’t know which body muscle to burn. It might be from the essential organs such as heart which might have adverse consequences later on.
  • There is a certain amount of calories in the form of proteins and vitamins that are required by your body daily to keep up with the normal functioning of it. When you consume less food or starve yourself, the body flags it as an emergency situation and starts saving on fats to store energy!!
  • Dieting might also trigger the ‘anorexia-bulimia’ cycle, where a person first starts with eating less food to lose weight but then starts to binge eat when he/she couldn’t take the hunger pangs anymore.
  • Breaking the diet regime often makes one feel guilty, he/she might end up eating more food to console oneself.

Dieting is like a temporary contract; it helps you lose weight but has far more adverse consequences than benefits. The health experts and dieticians strongly condemn and discourage people from following it and request them to follow a healthy diet regime accompanied by a proper amount of exercise. Anything which is attained easily doesn’t need to be the best thing. It is alright to achieve weight loss slowly but should be done in a healthy way.


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