Doctor for your preloved Merchandise (Shoes, Bags and Jackets), Finally!

Don’t toss those expensive merchandises just because you chipped the heel or snapped a strap. What if we told you there’s a company that will pick up your broken shoes and bags, do a high-quality repair and deliver them right back to you? Sounds awesome!


Who are they?

WeDoShoes, the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Tanvi Kapoor, is an online platform that provides premium repair and rejuvenation services for high-end leather footwear, handbags and travel bags.

What do they do?

They save your precious heels, pumps, and sandals from the local cobbler and his questionable repair skills and experience. Instead, they will pick up your shoes or handbags, and whisk them off to their workshop where they are handled by experienced technicians. After performing a professional repair or refurbishment, they deliver the item back, at a place and time of your choosing. Their services include

  • Sole Replacement
  • Handbag Dry Cleaning
  • Shoe Stitching
  • Shoe Recoloring
  • Heel Dry-cleaning
  • Shoe Mesh replacement

They also have the capability to bring new life to leather or suede jackets, wallets, and belts, apart from footwear and bags. All repair orders include a professional dry-clean before delivery.


What’s in It for you?

The sheer convenience – that’s the first advantage of pickup and delivery are included. Your peace of mind as well, since you’re dealing with professionals, not to mention the founder is an avid shoe and bag lover herself! No more anxiety of dealing with the neighborhood repair-wala, being constantly worried about what he’s doing to your beloved pumps. Wedoshoes also takes care of your leather jacket, wallets, and belts – including dry-cleaning! And the whole process is so easy and transparent!


How does this work?

Now we’re talking. Here are the five straightforward steps

  • Order: using the mobile app or website. Or you can call/whatsapp at 8826523298.
  • Pick Up: is arranged at a convenient time and location
  • Assessment and Quote: based on a careful review.
  • Refurbishment/ Repair: carried out at their workshop by experienced technicians.
  • Delivery: Checked, cleaned, packaged and delivered.


And boom! That’s all there is to it. Your gorgeous strappy sandals are good as new, and your husband’s leather jacket can finally be worn in public again.

Download the app –

Android Play Store:

Apple App Store:

Browse the fabulous website –




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