Direct Create is Empowering the Artisan Community of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh & Augmenting Artist Collaborations

An artist’s work encompasses across a lot of creativity. India is a country which has been affluent in terms of handicraft and craftsmen since time immemorial. Each and every state in India has its own identity in terms of handicraft and crafts. For instance, the state of Madhya Pradesh has a lot to offer when it comes to metal craft and painting done on utensils etc. The tribal painters of Madhya Pradesh are getting lost into oblivion as they feel that there are no takers of their skill.

There aresome of the important things that really make a difference to the artist community today-

Artists need to be paid adequately for the work that they do. The job of making a handicraft or an artistic output involves a number of intricate steps and intriguing processes along with it being time consuming. Therefore, it is important for an artist to get paid handsomely for the creative work done by them. As of today, there is a lot of disparity in the amount of money that the artists receive.

Alternatively, the artist also needs a platform on a consistent basis by the medium of which they could share their work or show their work to the target audience. In addition, they need a platform where artists could collaborate amidst themselves and have the choice of knowledge sharing with each other. It is in this context that a forum like Direct Create can add a lot of value as they serve as a link between the artists to collaborate and at the same time they prove to be a vital link between the customers and the artists as they play a pivotal role in taking the indigenous crafts of the artists to international and national podiums. The following quote from the founder of Direct Create, Mr. Rajeev Lunkad“We want to give new definition and explore the existing relationship between designers, individual makers, service providers, organizations, and buyers.” sums up the essence of a common community & platform for artists.

In this world of modernity where technology has helped in converging the diverse countries into a global village, it is important that we uphold the homegrown craft industry and handicraft. It is by means of giving the much needed push to the handicrafts & local crafts of India that we could successfully place India on the global map as a manufacturer or producer of original items. Connecting the different artists together by a common thread of creativity and providing them with the right exposure will help in generating business opportunities thereby giving the campaign of “Make in India” the much needed attention that it deserves.




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