Dating Apps: Why Are They Getting Popular Among Women

Gone are the days when a princess would kiss a frog to turn him into her prince charming. Now a days, women have become more than willing kiss many frogs to find ‘The One’ for them. While matrimonial sites have been in the foray for a very long time, now urban Indian women have started moving to a more progressive and open tech scenario to find the right partner.

Dating apps like Tinder, TrulyMadly, and Hinge give women a lot of chance to meet like-minded men with they may or may not see a bright future. With Urban women getting engrossed in their busy lifestyle they hardly get time to go out, socialize and meet new people. Thus they find the concept of dating apps pretty convenient to find a partner.

As per the data available, staggering half a million single working urban women are tapping on these apps and are not shying from trying their hands on more than one.  Despite the common notion that these apps are meant for men looking for flings, a major chunk of these apps’ traffic comes from women seeking a steady relationship.

The main reason why women have started using these modern dating apps is that they believe the traditional matrimonial sites have stopped working for them. This has made them look for unconventional means to find urban, educated single men with whom they can interact freely. Another main reason behind this sudden craze for dating apps is parents. Urban Indian women feel uncomfortable with the idea of their parents finding them a match through traditional means. They feel they are independent and have all the right to find their life partner by themselves.

With dating becoming a pretty common phenomenon more and more women are open to dating platforms to meet their potential long-term partners. Ensuring great focus on their large women clientele, even dating app makers have started going the extra mile by providing extra security measures to protect the personal data of app users. Women are given all the liberty to choose their suitable partner without revealing much about themselves on these dating apps, which makes them extremely safe.

But, no matter how checked or balanced these apps may be, one cannot guarantee anything in the matters of the heart.


Seema Bhoi has been contributing to the content industry through writing about brands, consulting rookies and providing content management service. She is the Co-Founder of Vibaantta Group & Meethi Lassi.